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Premier High School is not like your traditional schools. We don’t have set schedules or lectures. We understand that everyone learns at a custom pace so our main focus is on making sure our students truly master the material.


At Premier, we don’t have students rushing to meet deadlines. We want our students to feel comfortable in their learning environment. Our school is intentionally small, which means that our teachers can provide one-on-one interaction with each student.

We believe in giving our students control over their academic progress and the freedom to decide how they want to spend their day. This helps them feel confident, self-disciplined, and teaches them critical decision-making skills.

Our teachers get to know our students well, and this helps create a greater level of engagement. We want our students to succeed, we cater to each student’s needs and provide endless encouragement. We mentor our students so that they can develop high moral standards while they achieve academic success.