The difference between Premier and traditional school is evident from the beginning of your journey with us.

When you start your education at Premier, we meet with you to discuss your current and future academic goals. From this, we create a personalized graduation plan to help you achieve those goals on schedule.

In a traditional classroom, students are all asked to progress through the curriculum at the same pace, even though some students could progress more quickly and others need extra assistance. The Premier High School program allows you to work ahead in areas where you excel and receive support through your challenges. This format allows you to create a personal path to success.

Our program allows motivated students to graduate more quickly than their traditional district peers. At Premier High School, you are in charge of your progress. Teachers are always available to support your current academic needs and help you achieve your long-term goals after high school.


Since we offer a self-directed program, many of our dedicated students graduate in 3 years or less. Enter the number of high school credits you have earned so far to see how quickly you could graduate. 

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