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Culinary Arts

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Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts program of study introduces CTE learners to occupations and educational opportunities related to the planning, directing, or coordinating activities of a food and beverage organization or department. This program of study also explores opportunities involved in directing and participating in the preparation and cooking of food.


13022550 Introduction to Culinary Arts
13022600 Culinary Arts
13022650 Advanced Culinary Arts
13022700 Practicum in Culinary Arts

Certified Fundamentals Cook Certified Fundamentals Pastry Cook Commercial Foods Culinary Meat Selection & Cookery Certification Food Protection Manager Certification Food Safety & Science Certification ServSafe Manager 

Restaurant Culinary and Catering Management
Culinary Arts/Chef Training
Food Service Systems Administration/Management
Culinary Science and Food Service Management

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Food and Beverage Managers

Median Wage: $55,619
Annual Openings: 1,561
10-Year Growth: 28%

Chef and Head Cooks 

Median Wage: $43,285
Annual Openings: 1,366
10-Year Growth: 25%

Food Science Technicians 

Median Wage: $34,382
Annual Openings: 236
10-Year Growth: 11%