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The Entrepreneurship program of study focuses on occupational and educational opportunities associated with planning, launching, directing, and coordinating public or private sector ventures. This program of study includes formulating policies, launching businesses or organizations, managing daily operations, analyzing management structures, and planning for using materials and human resources.


13011200 Principles of Business Finance and Marketing
13011400 Business Information Management I
13034400 Entrepreneurship
N1303423 Entrepreneurship II

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Facebook Digital Marketing Associate Certification Student Social Media Marketing Certification Customer Service and Sales: Certified Specialist 

Operations Management and Supervision
Organizational Leadership
Business Administration and Management
Public Administration
Service Contract Providers

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General and Operations Managers

Median Wage: $82,918
Annual Openings: 41,020
10-Year Growth: 19%

Management Analysts 

Median Wage: $87,015
Annual Openings: 8,653
10-Year Growth: 38%

Chief Executives 

Median Wage: $165,828
Annual Openings: 1,703
10-Year Growth: 33%

Provider Partnership: Responsive Education

ResponsiveEd will provide instruction for all courses, offering job shadowing and teaching opportunities, as well as assisting students in applying for a license in TEAL.