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Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement


The Law Enforcement program of study teaches CTE learners about the development of, adherence to, and protection of various branches of law. Students will learn how to appropriately and legally respond to breaches in the law according to statutory rules and regulations as well as investigate how and why the breaches occurred.


13029200 Principles of Law, Public Safety, and Security
13029300 Law Enforcement I
13029400 Law Enforcement II
13029500 Forensic Science

IAED Emergency Telecommunicator Non-Commissioned Security Officer Level II License 

Security Specialist
Criminal Justice/Police Science
Criminalistics and Criminal Science
Forensic Science and Technology
Law Enforcement Administration
Securities Services Administration/Management
County Jailer

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Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

Median Wage: $63,785
Annual Openings: 6,198
10-Year Growth: 10%

Detectives and Criminal Investigators 

Median Wage: $81,162
Annual Openings: 1,503
10-Year Growth: 5%

First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives 

Median Wage: $98,862
Annual Openings: 685
10-Year Growth: 12%

Responsive Education

ResponsiveEd will provide instruction for all courses, offering job shadowing and teaching opportunities, as well as assisting students in applying for a license in TEAL.