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At Premier High School the success of our students is what matters most. Some students need a new opportunity, while others seek an individualized educational approach that is not offered by traditional schools. Whether a student has fallen behind or simply wants to get ahead, our true learner-based environment is designed to ensure that they learn and succeed.

Early Graduation

Get a jump start on your career or higher education by graduating early

Credit Recovery

Catch up on credits and get back on track to graduate on time

Individualized Attention

Receive one-to-one assistance from teachers

We Care About Your Success

Premier High School doesn’t offer a traditional education. We implement a system that is built around the student’s needs. We present the correct tools for students to strengthen their academic weaknesses and improve upon their strengths. Our self-directed curriculum, passionate teachers, and proven academic program helps students achieve their goals on their own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of school is Premier High School?

Premier High School is a tuition-free Texas public charter school.

What is a Public Charter School?

Public charter schools are free public schools of choice and are open to every student who wishes to enroll. Charter schools are publicly funded by state and federal tax dollars based on enrollment.

Are there different standards for a Charter School?

Similar to traditional public schools, we are accountable to the same state and federal academic standards.

Do I have to be in a specific school zone to attend Premier High School?

There are no school zones for Charter schools. So, as long as you are a State resident, you can attend Premier High School.

Is a diploma from Premier High School real?

Students who graduate from Premier High School receive a real high school diploma, like any other accredited high school.

How is the learning environment different at Premier High School?

This is why we offer an educational environment that is individualized and small by design.

What’s different about Premier High School?

At Premier High School, we help students recover credits, accelerate their education, earn Career and Technical Certifications, prepare for a military career, and gain acceptance into college.

How can Premier High School help me begin with the end in mind?

When you start your education at Premier, we meet with you to discuss your current and future academic goals. From this, we create a personalized graduation plan to help you achieve those goals on schedule.

How is the academic progress different at Premier High Schools?

In a traditional classroom, students are all asked to progress through the curriculum at the same pace, even though some students could progress more quickly and others need extra assistance. The Premier High School program allows you to work ahead in areas where you excel and receive the support you need to work through your challenges. This format allows you to succeed in your own way.

What does a day look like at Premier High School?

At the beginning of your school day, you will set daily goals to prioritize your work and you will work in a small, self-directed environment with individualized teacher assistance as needed. You are able to participate in peer-to-peer tutoring and small group sessions and at the end of the day, you conduct a daily review of your progress and determine if homework is needed.

What is the curriculum like at Premier High School?

The curriculum we use is unique to our program and meets all state requirements to give you the education you need to complete credits and earn a diploma.
Each academic credit is split into ten sections known as Knowledge Units. Each Knowledge Unit has lessons, quizzes, and a mastery exam. Once you pass the mastery exam in the Knowledge Unit you are able to move ahead to the next Knowledge Unit. If you do not pass the mastery exam, you are given the opportunity to review the concepts again and retake the mastery exam. This ensures that you have a full understanding of the academic concepts before you move forward.
Once you pass all ten exams, you have earned that academic credit.
Because of our program, many of our motivated students are able to graduate within 3 years.
At Premier High School, you are in charge of your own progress. Teachers are always involved in the learning process and work alongside you to assist you, keep you on track, reach your academic goals, and help you with your plans after high school.

Are there any CTE options available at Premier High School?

Yes. Students receive job training, have opportunities to participate in paid or unpaid internships, receive industry-recognized certifications, and even begin their careers after high school.

How do I enroll?

You can start by visiting the Apply Now page on our website. Complete the form at that link to continue to the full application. Once submitted, we will review your application to be sure we don’t have any questions for you.
At that point, you will be invited to attend an orientation where you will be able to complete additional enrollment documents. You will be required to provide:

  • A birth certificate,
  • social security card,
  • immunization record,
  • two proofs of residency,
  • parent or guardian photo ID,
  • and current transcripts.


Since we offer a self-directed program, many of our dedicated students graduate in 3 years or less. Enter the number of high school credits you have earned so far to see how quickly you could graduate.

  • Please enter a number from 0 to 26.

I like that I have adjusted to the system that there is at this school. So, I know what I can do here, and I don’t want to be limited by what we have in a normal public school.”

Noe, Premier High School Graduate


Progression toward graduation is mastery-based, not the traditional four-year high school plan. Premier High School offers a flexible, (four-hour) schedule as part of our self-directed program, giving students a better opportunity to work and/or support a family.

We provide individual attention and an academic program designed for students who thrive at a smaller school in a relaxed setting. The independent-learning environment emphasizes the use of technology and accessibility to one-on-one teacher interaction.

“This school has given teens the opportunity to progress through challenges. The staff never gives up on you, and has helped my daughter find her strengths, and grow in that direction. I recommend this school.”



“I loved Premier. It was honestly the best change that I made. It’s because of the teachers there and their motivation that I didn’t drop out and I graduated. Overall a great atmosphere and less stress.”