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for Grades 9-12 in Arkansas


Premier High School Online is dedicated to providing hope for students through educational options that promote a free society and cultivate moral and academic excellence.

Premier High School Online does not offer a traditional education. We implement a system that is built around the student’s needs. We present the correct tools for students to strengthen their academic weaknesses and improve upon their strengths. Our self-directed, mastery-based curriculum, passionate instructors, and proven academic program helps students achieve their goals on their own terms.


Premier High School Online is a fully accredited, tuition-free online public school option by ResponsiveEd® for students in grades 9–12.


Premier High School Online gives your family access to the curriculum and the online learning platform when and where you are to help you or your student receive the support they need to be successful. Families may need to purchase school supplies for some courses, just as they would in a brick-and-mortar classroom.


Premier High School Online uses the BrightThinker curriculum. Students can learn at home, on the road, or wherever they have an Internet connection. Attendance, teacher interaction, and daily lessons are conducted online. Students work with their instructional team to facilitate learning and achieve the academic goals set in each student’s personalized plan for learning.


  • Personalized Graduation Plan
  • Mastery-Based Learning
  • In-Person Tutoring and State Testing
  • Live Online Tutorials
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Access Coursework From Anywhere
  • Early Graduation
  • Credit Recovery

Why Premier High School Online?

Personalized learning is something that we have been doing for a long time. Our program is purposefully designed to help each student excel in their own way. In our online program, students still have access to their teachers for assistance, but our online curriculum gives students the information to progress on their own when possible.

We Care About Your Success

In a traditional classroom, students are all asked to progress through the curriculum at the same pace, even though some students could progress more quickly and others need extra assistance. The Premier High School Online program allows you to work ahead in areas where you excel and receive support through your challenges. This format allows you to create a personal path to success.

Students We Serve

Premier High School Online serves 9-12 grade students and also those who are beyond high school age but want to return to make up credits. Students who excel at Premier High School Online are usually good readers who enjoy working independently. Ideally, they would be someone who is self-motivated, interested in credit recovery, early graduation, flexible schedules, and/or vocational training.

Students who experience social anxiety in a large traditional school tend to thrive at Premier High School Online. Those who are focused on academics and not involved in extracurricular activities can usually graduate ahead of schedule.

Home School Learning, Public School Accountability

In addition to providing online opportunities that caters to the needs of each student, Premier High School Online provides the structure, administrative support, instructional and operational oversight, accountability, and state testing required of all Arkansas public schools.


All students in Arkansas are required to attend state testing days in person. Premiere High School Online will provide parents with information about when and where testing will take place.

Why Earn a Diploma?

The lack of a high school diploma is a substantial barrier to compete successfully in the workforce. Colleges and universities, businesses, and each branch of the United States military accept a regular high school diploma.

Statistics show that those who have their high school diploma make anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 more per year than those who only have a GED.


Don’t let your busy lifestyle limit your potential. We offer flexible schedules and work with each of our students one-on-one to ensure their success. No matter what your obligations are, we stand with you on your path to graduation.

The online program at Premier High School allows you the flexibility to learn at home while benefiting from online courses taught by a dedicated instructional team. We are 100% tuition-free, fully accredited, and if you don’t have access to a laptop, we will provide you with a school-issued Chromebook, upon request.


Since we offer a self-directed program, many of our dedicated students graduate in 3 years or less. Enter the number of high school credits you have earned so far to see how quickly you could graduate. 

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