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Our Accounting program prepares students to create financial records, auditing, evaluating, and advising on financial matters.

Advanced Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing program teaches students in planning, managing, and processing materials into final products.

Automotive Tech

Our Automotive and Collision Repair program teaches students on servicing, diagnosing, and repairing various types of vehicles.

Certified Medical Assistant

Our Medical Assistant program teaches students in diagnosing and treating illnesses including rehabilitative treatments.

Child Development Associate

Our Human Services program prepares students to work in counseling and mental health services.


Our Construction program prepares students on how to estimate costs and inspect structures for compliance.


Our Cosmetology program provides students with the knowledge and skills related to beauty and personal care services.

Criminal Justice

Our Law and Public Service program prepares students in assisting lawyers and preparing documents.

Culinary Arts

Our Culinary Arts program focuses on skills in communication, time management, and customer service to meet industry standards.


Our Cybersecurity program teaches students in planning, implementing, upgrading, or monitoring computer networks for safety.

Dental Assistant

Our Dental Assistant program teaches students to provide treatment and counsel patients as part of a dental care team.

Diesel & Truck Tech

Our Diesel & Truck program teaches students how to diagnose, repair, or modify heavy equipment and diesel engines.

Drone Pilot

Our Drone Pilot program teaches students the principles of flight, air traffic control, and safety regulations.

Teachers Aide

Our Teacher & Training program focuses on teaching, curriculum development, and coaching abilities.


Our Electrician program teaches students on installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring and related equipment.

Emergency Services

Our Emergency Services program focuses on how to prevent emergencies, respond appropriately and the rules and regulations during crises.


Our Engineering program teaches students on design, development and use of engines, machines, and structures.


Our Entrepreneurship program teaches students in planning, launching, and managing businesses or organizations.

Graphic Artist

Our Graphic Design program trains students will train in various aspects of graphic design, printing, and business management.


Our Hospitality program focuses on managing, marketing, and operations of restaurants, hotels and other related services.


Our HVAC program teaches students to install, service, or repair heating and cooling systems and other related services.

Industrial Maintenance

Our Industrial Maintenance program focuses on maintaining and repairing manufacturing equipment and facilities.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology program teaches students in administering, testing, and building computer/database systems.

Law Enforcement

Our Law Enforcement Officer program teaches students about law and how to respond to and investigate breaches in the law.

Medical Biller & Coder

Our Medical Biller & Coder program prepares students in patient information management in healthcare and insurance billing requirements.

Patient Care Tech

Our Patient Care Tech program teaches students about diagnosing and treating illnesses independently or as part of a healthcare team.

Pharmacy Tech

Our Pharmacy Tech program helps students develop knowledge and skills for diagnosing, treating, and counseling patients.

Phlebotomy Tech

Our Phlebotomy Tech program trains students in patient care, monitoring vital signs, creating care plans, maintaining medical records, and managing diseases or pain.


Our Welder program trains students on the use of automatic/computer-controlled machines, hand-welding or flame-cutting equipment.